8:00 am Coffee and Registration

8:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Quantifying the Value of Patient Engagement to Develop a Measurement-Oriented Culture

9:00 am Measuring the Value of Patient Engagement to Demonstrate ROE to Stakeholders


  • Exploring the challenges of quantifying and objectifying patient engagement for regulatory agencies and investors, focusing on the specific needs of regulatory bodies and investor communities
  • Discussing the role of investors in the biotech industry and the potential influence of patient advocacy in encouraging investment by quantifying community interest in treatment options
  • Emphasizing the need for a clear and standardized approach to quantify patient community interest, bridging the gap between patient advocacy and investor confidence in the biotech market

9:30 am Objectifying the Meaning of Measuring Patient Engagement to Internal Stakeholders

  • Yiyi Xia Director, Patient Value & Strategy, Alexion Pharmaceuticals


  • Ensuring that all teams internally are using the same metrics and terminology in the same way to build a patient centric culture
  • Discussing how to successfully instigate a change in culture to achieve leadership buy-in
  • Evaluating how to ensure supportive and proactive help from leaders in promoting the measurement culture to elevate the importance of patient centricity internally

10:00 am Designing a Strategy to Drive the Implementation of Different Patient Engagement Approaches, Cross-Functionally


  • Discussing the metrics and measurements for health equity strategy
  • Leveraging patient engagement to gather patient experience data to enable successful conversations with regulatory bodies
  • Exploring how to get leadership buy-in into the design and value of patient engagement, from early stage to investment

10:30 am Speed Networking Session


Join our speed networking session tailored for patient engagement experts, like yourselves, to connect with industry peers & facilitating rapid yet meaningful exchanges of insights & expertise. Elevate your networking experience during this session designed for impactful connections within the space of patient engagement

11:00 am Morning Break & Networking

11:30 am Quality vs Quantity in Patient Advocacy Metrics

  • Mary Pomerantz Senior Director - Patient Advocacy & Engagement, Cytokinetics Inc


  • Exploring the industry’s challenges in finding metrics that go beyond numerical counts, particularly in assessing the impact of patient advocacy efforts
  • Addressing challenges in getting colleagues to acknowledge the limitations of quantitative measurement tools within patient engagement
  • Suggesting tactics to shed light on the effectiveness of qualitative data to convince stakeholders of its value

Building a Practical Roadmap Towards Standardized Metrics & Reporting

12:00 pm Standardizing & Systematizing Patient Engagement Through Impact Measurements

  • Beyza Klein Global Patient Engagement Director, Insights & Measurements, Novartis AG


  • Introducing Novartis Patient Engagement Impact Measuring Framework and how it connects to strategy
  • Summarizing the challenges and learnings from the development of the framework and implementation of metrics so far
  • Diving into impact of PE case by case, PSPs, PLE, PFDD

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

1:30 pm Medical Evidence: Case Studies Measuring Qualitative Patient Engagement

  • Marie eckerd Senior Director Patient Engagement Respiratory & Immunology, AstraZeneca


  • Reviewing the necessity of implementing patient engagement from study design to publication
  • Providing case studies on how to practically embed patient voice by demonstrating key examples of the influence and impact of patient voice
  • Striving to measure the impact along the continuum of health empowerment to demonstrate success in patient engagement measurement

2:00 pm Panel: Creating a Roadmap When There is No External Requirements to Measure Patient Engagement

  • Hannah Glenny Senior Manager - Patient Engagement, Otsuka
  • Beyza Klein Global Patient Engagement Director, Insights & Measurements, Novartis AG
  • Monique Mulkern Head, Global Patient Insights & Solutions, Patient Experience Team, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Alix Floyd Managing Partner & Founder, Assemble


  • Discussing what the ultimate goal of measuring patient engagement is and why we are measuring it
  • Exploring how to create a roadmap when there is not shared standard, internally or externally
  • Highlighting what the roadmap should be based on, whether it is internal needs or regulatory guidance
  • Debating whether we should be measuring patient engagement

2:45 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session

3:15 pm Patient Panel: Patients as Partners: What is Genuinely Valuable for Patients & How Can We Better Integrate Patient Feedback to Ensure More Patient-Centric R&D


  • From consulting before trials to post-approval communications, how effectively are we measuring patient engagement?
  • Discussing whether current measurements are sufficient
  • Exploring ways to improve patient engagement in the future

4:00 pm Roundtable: Overcoming Social Media Algorithmic Changes to Enhance Measurement Precision of Engagement Source


  • Navigating the ever-changing algorithms of platforms like Facebook for targeted patient engagement
  • Utilizing advanced analytics tools to measure ad impact through metrics like clickthrough rates and website engagement
  • Implementing patient feedback mechanisms to identify the source of engagement, enhancing measurement precision
  • Exploring alternative engagement avenues such as collaboration with hospitals and specialized educational tools

4:30 pm Closing Remarks

4:40 pm End of Day One